We decided to create this web comic to breath life into an idea that Kris had been sitting on for years. Being a huge fan, he wrote a pilot script and a series outline for a show with the idea of getting it aired on [adult swim]. These comic episodes act as a sort of prequel to the actual series' pilot, where a huge plot twist will change Bub's life forever in a story like you've never seen before. We are considering animating the comics into short cartoons moving forward, but are still working out the logistics on that.

Here is how you can help our campaign to get Bub Sticky onto [adult swim]:

Send us mail at bubsticky@gmail.com

Leave comments on the episodes.

Follow us on twitter Follow TheLerm on Twitter @deadengone @bubsticky

Politely suggest to [adult swim] that they should contact us.

And of course, tell your friends. There are share buttons located under every post.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

We Heart Japan

Welcome to a very special BSSCL. We heard about the great things being done over at Comics for Japan and decided we couldn't just sit back and do nothing. After all, Japan gave us Nintendo so we owe them big time! So, we have devoted today's post to spreading the word about the relief efforts underway to help Japan through this terrible time of need. 

There are three different ways you too can help the cause:
If you have anything at all to give, please do. If not, keep the survivors in your heart and give when you can. The rebuilding period could last for years and they will need your help long after the media forgets about them.

Click below to read the rest of this episode.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The idea behind what we are doing.

This web comic was put together as a storyboard for the pilot episode I wrote about 2 years ago. I got the script registered with the WGA, and after trying to contact the Adult Swim offices multiple times with no success I decided to try and get it done on my own.

But doing it on my own wasn't working out. So I recruited Roger to help with the cause and he has been awesome! He has been doing pretty much all of the animation and working on it with him has been a lot of fun. It is no longer just my project. Roger is the Co-Creator. So glad he is working with me.

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